Why the emotional mind matters

A wise mind is one which considers both the rational mind and the emotional mind. Why does the emotional mind matter at all? I think this is because our experience of the world is an emotional one. We have emotional bodies – feelings course through it like blood. Think of happiness – it can be … Continue reading

Making progress in meaningful work

I really like this one line from a posting today on the Harvard Business Review blog: Our past research found that, of all the events that can keep people happily engaged on the job, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work. I think that really nails it. When I get busy with … Continue reading

3+1 bedroom apt for Sale/Rent: Seri Duta 1 near Kenny Hills

With all the development taking place in KL, there are very few apartments remaining that offer this unique combination: Low-density, low-rise Low-noise, green/wooded environment (Kenny Hills-type environment) In KL: only 12 minutes drive to KLCC. High-quality expat-level apartment If the above combination is what you’re looking for, then come take a look! Further details: 3+1 … Continue reading

Minimum Viable DNA?

Reading about basic molecular biology is pretty mind-blowing. As a computer programmer, I would use the phrase “elegant design” to describe how life seems to work. I discovered a lot of things that I didn’t know about and are truly remarkable. I knew a little bit about the DNA double helix of course. But what … Continue reading

Live bands

Okay I now realized why I don’t jump at the opportunity to go see a live band when someone suggests it. Actually I love live bands. I just hate jazz. It does nothing for me. And the majority of times that people invite me out to see a live band, it’s for jazz. A useful … Continue reading

True Grit: I left the cinema breathless

True Grit, with Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld and Matt Damon, was a great watch at the cinema. I didn’t expect it to have the effect it did. But it was quite a tour de force. Cinematography was beautiful. The 3 main characters were… well, full of character, with each take turns to be at odds … Continue reading