Self-watering balcony garden

It’s wonderful having a wide variety of plants herbs and flowers on your balcony. However, knowing me, I would frequently forget to water them causing many of the plants to frequently dry out and eventually die out. Not to mention the occasional two week trip, hated by plants everywhere.

I therefore set out to build a self watering system. But I wanted to to be able to handle a little bit of complexity-that is, to be able to specifically water different parts of the garden differently.

It took several adorations, but I’m very happy with the final version that I ended up with. I have a main tank which is a 5 gallon tank that lasts two weeks at least. That feeds water into a staging tank via a diaphragm pump. Diaphragm pump is able to draw water without priming first.

The system will fill the stating tank with the amount of water needed for a particular section of the garden. A server will then turn a knob to control which of several possible output pipes are selected. A second pump that activates that draws water from the staging tank through the pipe selector, and onto the plants.

Check out the videos below!

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