“Each person has a set number of hours on earth. How you decide to spend each and every single hour shapes who you are.”

I like expousing and debating theories. I’ve decided to spend a few hours of my life writing down some of these theories here. And thus I am defined.

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  1. Hi Aris….nice to see you are up and about somewhere is US…alive and kicking!!!!

    Interesting life you got there.. keep me posted!

  2. Hi Aris,

    I found about Quickschool.com by chance, and i decided to found out more about the experts behind it. M so proud that a fellow Malaysian and his team have embarked on something that is throughly rewarding as education management. I enjoy your blog just as much… believe when i say i am learning so much from your interviews as well as your sharings on this blog. Mind you m a 39 year old s.mum with 4 children n have embarked on an MBA and MEd. simultaneously…. crazy u might say.. but hey time is running out.. and like you proclaimed in simple terms lets not waste our time on this beautiful mother earth. Keep up the good work Maestros… and while your at it, lets all do some good for the environment. Cheers!


    1. Thank you Darlene for taking the time to share your kind words. Helps me keep on going. And yes, that does sound like you’re taking on a lot but I say go for it!

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